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Technical support for Ecotec automatic samplers

Technical support for agricultural equipment is the process of providing repair and maintenance services for equipment used in agriculture. This service helps to ensure reliable and efficient operation of agricultural machinery, reduce the risk of accidents and increase its service life.



Technical support includes regular maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as installation and configuration of additional equipment components. In addition, technical support may include advice on the operation of the equipment and recommendations for its maintenance.


Technical support is especially important during the agricultural seasons, when equipment operates at maximum capacity. This helps to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment and avoid unpredictable events.


Ecotech Technologies provides remote technical support to customers who have problems with their technology systems. The company has a dedicated team of experts who can remotely troubleshoot problems and provide solutions, minimizing downtime and reducing costs for customers.


The company’s hardware and software solutions provide secure communication between the client’s system and the remote support team, ensuring fast response times and effective problem resolution. In cases where physical repairs are required, the company’s specialists can travel to the customer’s site to provide assistance.


The company also offers post-warranty maintenance contracts to ensure that the customer’s equipment remains in optimal condition and provides efficient operation.


We will provide it:

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics of equipment, which allows you to detect problems in time and prevent accidents;
  • Remote control of technological processes and adjustment of equipment parameters for optimal use of its potential;
  • Automated planning and management of equipment maintenance to ensure its most efficient operation and reduce the cost of repair and replacement of parts.


The use of modern technologies allows Ecotech Technology to solve problems with technical equipment as efficiently as possible and provide the highest quality of service to its customers.

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Ecotec Technologies specializes in the production of automatic grain samplers and automated systems for sampling grain from vehicles. Today, we produce three main series of samplers: the Ecotec STANDART 270 rack-mounted grain sampler, the Ecotec RAIL rail- mounted grain sampler, and the Ecotec LEGO rack-mounted grain sampler with the possibility of further modernization into a rail sampler. Our company also produces two-level slit probes that have no analogues in the world.

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